Remembering to Print Important Documents Like Tax Files

printing important documentsAre you remembering to print off those important documents like your tax files? These days so much business is done via email that we don’t print our documents but store them safely on our computers, or so we think.

At the office we likely have a backup system in place for our hard drives, but at home many people don’t have backup systems…risky!

It’s tax time.  Do you have all the documents you need to file your taxes?  More than likely your taxes are being e-filed and you think that there is no need to print a copy.  Wrong!  You should always print any e-filed receipt or documents as your proof of a transaction.  What happens if your e-file or payment transaction never reaches the intended recipient or the recipient’s computers crash?  What happens if your computer crashes and you lose your files?  Where is your proof and how can you get those important documents?  Perhaps you are looking for documents that are several years old. Can you remember where to find them on your computer?

It is always a good idea to have 2 copies of any important documents; one soft copy and one hard copy.  When looking for a document, it might be easiest to look in your paper file folder versus trying to remember where you electronically filed it.

Concerned about the cost of printing at home?  Visit a local refill company like the Cartridge Place here in Newmarket and save up to 50% off the price of a new cartridge.  It’s great for the environment to recycle and it’s great for your wallet too!

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5 Tips on Getting the Best Cartridge Refill

The Cartridge Place Newmarket ink refills toner refills Have you wondered about getting your printer cartridges refilled instead of throwing them out?  How do you find the right company to refill your toner or printer cartridges. I thought it might be helpful to share these 5 tips on how to get the best cartridge refill.

1.   Solidity of the Company

    • Choose a local company who has a storefront and has been in business for a period of time.

2.  Check out their Process

    • For Toner:  Ask if the cartridge is remanufactured or a compatible.  A remanufactured cartridge means that an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridge is used in the process and replacement core parts are changed for best performance.  This is your best option for a quality cartridge.  A compatible cartridge is generally an off-shore knock-off and the quality is inferior.
    • For Ink:  Bringing in your own cartridges for refill is the most cost effective.  Make sure that your cartridges don’t dry out. If they do, they won’t be good for refill.  Remanufactured ink cartridges are great, because an OEM core is used.  Most ink remanufacturing companies have processes to clean and test the cartridges, therefore the quality is very good.  Compatible cartridges are made off-shore and the quality may be less acceptable.  As well, there have been problems with the smart chip being recognized by the printer.

3.   Quality Control

    • Ask your local company if they have the equipment to test the refill or remanufactured cartridge.  This is important because it will reduce return trips if you run into trouble.

4.    The Staff

    • Interview the staff. Make sure that they are knowledgeable, can answer all your questions and are available by phone or email during regular business hours.

5.    The Guarantee

    • Ask the company what their guarantee entails.  Most reputable companies will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, money back or exchange.

The staff here at The Cartridge Place are experts in this field.  We have been in business since 2005.  We have excellent quality products at very competitive prices.  We deliver to businesses all across Canada and we have a local storefront where you can drop in for a quick refill.  We also meet the 5 points above, so rest assured that you are in good hands with The Cartridge Place.

We’d love you to drop in and see us!



Cartridge Place Now Offers Promotional & Branding Products

click image to enlarge

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The Cartridge Place announces a new service…Promotional and branding products for your business.  Anything from:

  • Shirts with your logo
  • Pens
  • Mugs
  • Car magnets
  • Business cards
  • Any type of printed materials

We can assist you to create an item to promote your business!

Why buy promotional products?

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Paying Too Much for your Ink & Toner Cartridges?

bigstock-Computer-printer-ink--the-p-18503879Do you think that you are paying too much for ink and toner cartridges?

Many consumers do have an issue with the cost of ink and toner.  Many believe that the solution is to change their printer for one that would be cheaper to operate.  There are a couple of solutions to reducing the cost of printing, and one is not necessarily to change the printer.

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The Cartridge Place Newmarket Reviews the Brother HL-5470DW Printer

Brother 5740Here at The Cartridge Place in Newmarket, we recently purchased the Brother HL-5470DW printer for our store front-end and I thought I would share my comments on it with you.

The printer is very easy to un-pack, install and set up.  It is not that heavy and does not take very much room in your office or home office.  The printer has a nice, non-shiny, textured, conservative appearance. The versatile fold-out top tray works very well.   The control functions are good. The controls are adequate, convenient, and simple, and the display is quite readable. The cancel button is readily at hand, and responds immediately with no jamming of paper. The menu structure is fine but extensive, so I would recommend printing it out from the online user guide before using the menu controls. The user’s guide, quickly provides any information. The index is quite easy to use, and clicking on a page number in the index immediately takes you to that page.

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4 Summertime Printer Usage Tips

cartridges drying outNow that the kids are out of school or you are heading out on vacation, you might not be using your printer as much.  Here are 4 summertime usage tips to follow:

1. Print or copy something once a week. This will keep the ink flowing through the print head nicely.

2. Print head style cartridges: (those that have the copper strip, Most HP’s, Lexmark and Dell, Canon  40, 41, 210, 211, 240, 241)

  • If  you are going to be away for a month, you can put your print head style cartridges into a zip lock bag and put them in your refrigerator crisper.
  • If your cartridges are not printing, here is a trick.  Wet a paper towel with hot water and wring out.  Place the print head on the paper towel for about  30 to 60 seconds and wipe off excess water.  Take a dry piece of paper towel and press the print head onto it. You should see a nice rectangle of black ink or 3 stripes of colour ink.  If you are not seeing this, then repeat the process.  Sometimes a trip to your local refilling store might be necessary for them to use some of their special equipment.

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Tricks of the Trade to Fixing Problems with Brother Printers

Brother fixHere at The Cartridge Place in Newmarket, we’ll often get calls from customers having issues with one of their printers. Check out these tricks of the trade below to see if they alleviate the problem for your Brother printer!

Inkjet Printers

If your ink jet cartridges are not empty, but your printer won’t print, here is a fix.

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What’s Wrong With My Printer Cartridge?


What’s wrong with my printer cartridge? Has the following ever happened to you? You’ve created a great document, greeting card or cropped your favorite photo and want to print it.  You press the print button and….the paper goes through but nothing is on the paper.

What can be wrong with my cartridge you ask?

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5 Key Questions to Ask Before You Purchase a Printer

bigstock-Question-mark-27712916 copyLooking for a new printer?  Here are 5 key questions to ask before you make your purchase in order to make an informed decision.  What do you want to print, and how often?

1. Do I need to print in black and color? If you print quite a lot but only in black, a laser printer would be your best bet.  The cost per page is considerably less, usually they print quicker than an inkjet, they are quieter and the copy is crisp and clean.  If you do occasionally like to print photos and other color documents, then choose an inkjet printer. Continue reading

The Cartridge Place Customers Ask – Ink or Toner?

bigstock-Cartridges-and-containers-of-c-49912556a copyEveryday at The Cartridge Place we are answering customer questions regarding printers and printer ink and toner cartridges.  One of the most asked questions is, “how can I save more money on my print jobs?” My answer would be in the form of this question “What type of printing are you doing?”

For people who print in black only, I would recommend a monochrome (black only) laser printer.

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